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30 June 2008 @ 04:09 am
BTW, I'm actually really hoping that both Cambridge and Riviera Blue are retired this year.  I want to pick up pieces in both of those (including a travel set in RB?) and don't want to go *completely* broke.

But then, I also have my "to buy" list for the new patterns, AND I have to save up for the Mediterranean pattern!

I *really* need to see if the VB store near me is hiring.  I hate waiting tables; it's so sporadic.  I might make $70 in a shift, or I might make $15, all depending on how many people come in and what they decide to tip me.   Retail may pay less, but VB is much better than boring old "retail"--already I go in and know more about retired and current patterns and styles than most of the ladies working there.  Plus, that discount would do wonders for my habit. ;)  I can do evenings and weekends until October, when my Big Girl job will start having sporadic hours.  :)

They probably aren't hiring; *everyone* wants to work there.

God, I hate being a waitress, even if it's only until my real job starts training.  Four summers is way too much--at some point, everyone gets sick of dishing out chips and salsa.
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So...my honors thesis.  It sounded good from the beginning.  Translate 500+ lines of Old French into English and write a 30-page paper in French to accompany it.  Right up my alley.  Uh-huh.


Not that I don't love Old French or religious poems.  I really do.  The translation is actually fun, especially when I get on a roll.  It's the damn paper that I'm stuck on. 

Here I am--a former honors student in both high school and undergrad, who got a perfect score on the verbal SAT and the AP Literature exam--and who hasn't written an honest-to-God research paper since the 7th grade, when we first learned how.  Somehow, being an amazing English student means that people assume you are an expert in research papers and they don't make you do them.

Sources, you say?  Fine.  I have them.  Oh, I have to cite them in the paper?  And do footnotes?  Can't I just hand-write this, because I still have OpenOffice on my computer and its Writer program sucks ass?

What the heck am I supposed to be writing about, anyway?

That's what happens when I try to write papers that are anything more than opinion.  I freeze up and procrastinate.  Which is what I'm doing now.

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This is me, starting a blog/journal/whatever.  Most of my friends have one.  I don't know if I want them to read this one. 

Why?  Who knows.  I don't think any of them have LJ.  I talk to them online or on facebook when not in real life, so there's no real need to update them with blog entries.  I think of this as more for *me*. 

I am well-acquainted with the intarwebz.  I enjoy it.  Unfortunately, my schedule is quite sporadic.  I have work, family obligations...sometimes I can't be online for days at a time.  This was not true in the past.  As a free-wheeling college student, I made it my job to be online as much as possible.  Now I try, but it seems like I'm either on it for hours at a time, or off it for a few days. 

But that's just the thing.  If my friends read my blog, they'll pester me to post more.  That's what they do with each other's blogs.  I don't want to feel obligated to feed a virtual audience with scraps from my daily thoughts and life.  I'd like to read posts in communities or post about things that others who know me may consider frivolous without their judgments or ties to the "real world". 

I'll except my fiancé.  He rocks, and can read whatever, whenever.  He gets me, even when I'm babbling on about Vera Bradley or Lush or wedding plans for hours.  He will think it funny that I'm now writing in an online journal. :)

Reader beware--this might turn into a set of compulsive lists, as I am wont to make.  But I will try to make it more, when I feel like it. ;)
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